Palermo- Sicily

Sicily welcomed me with sunny weather. You can feel the heat burning your skin when walking in the streets. I often dropped by some shops to see their products, take advantage of the air conditioners and buy some on-sale items. I love Italian fashion not only because they have numerous eye-catching designs but also because they have sizes that are suitable for an Asian girl like me ^^.

a shopping street with beautiful view to the mountain

There isn’t high building in Palermo; the city is mostly full of old flat buildings with balconies which feature a mix of Liberty, Art Nouveau and Arabic styles. If you have satisfied with shopping and visiting all places in the city center, let’s drive to the beaches. Sicily is known as a big island in the South of Italy with a lot of beautiful beaches. It was pity that I had not much time to visit all.


It took about an hour to get to Mondello. The road trip was enjoyable thanks to a lot of trees on both side of the streets, the mountains and the breezes. That was the first time I had seen a European beach and I was surprised by many small blue houses on the sea side and a lot of people. Well, it’s summer time ^^.

small houses – where local people rent for keeping their stuffs during summer
what a beautiful view with blue sea

One of the most impressive things I got in Sicily is not about landscape; it’s about people and their passion for food. Sicilian people are friendly, funny, extremely love their town and eat a lot. However, certainly, they only prefer Sicilian food. In Vietnam, when people say hello they usually ask ”where are you going?” but here in Sicily they will ask ”what have you eaten today?” instead. And there is a joke that ”the dinner begins at 8pm and last until bedtime”. So don’t be surprised if the meal start by the first dish, the second dish, then the third ones… till your stomach is super full ^^

a super size pizza in Sicily

Sicilian people are also famous for body language, so you can communicate with them by it. Remember to learn some before your trip. Cheers *_*

me with Vietnamese Ao Dai ( long dress) in Sicily


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