Rotterdam- The city of architecture

If you are an architect or a designer, I would recommend you to visit Rotterdam city, Holland. Its not only the largest port city in Europe, it also has a lot of impressive buildings around the center. Rotterdam is one of the most modern city I had seen in Europe, which has not so much old style buildings, cause in the World War II, the German made a bombardment there and destroyed almost the city. There is a story Holland people often tell to the tourists : there was a German young group visit Rotterdam and asked one old Holland guy:
” Where is the old town of Rotterdam, Sir?”
” Come back home and ask your grandfather” he answered.^^
Now lets make a architecture tour with me through these pictures even you are a designer or not: 🙂

The Cube house – designed by architect Piet Blom
concept design ” living as an urban roof”

To see how people live in this box, I bought the ticket to visit, around 4E and here is the interior:

Every square meter was used efficiently, with the nice view through street and enough natural lighting.

corridor and stair up to one house block – 98
chess with cube design, so cute ^^

After walking around the area, we discovered this place, absolutely worthy for visiting and specially when you start to get hungry ^^ – Blaak Markt

project year 2014, architect MVRDV

Markthal includes a huge market floor on the ground floor under an arch of apartments.Its shape, its colourful interior and the height turns Markthal into an unique spectacle.

the huge glass facade help this market get a lot natural lighting


The interior of the Rotterdam Market Hall is one-of-a-kind due to the huge colourful panels on the walls and ceiling, depicting lots and lots of fruit.

Markt Rotterdam by night

Markthal is a building without a backside. All sides of the building are accessible or shop windows, with the side is apartments have windows view through the market and outdoor.

And here is some other buildings design around the city:











To finish the post I would like to show you this pictures:
Nothing is impossible in Rotterdam ^^



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